Pasqua First Nation Launches Sage Pro Protect, a PPE Division Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

(Regina, SK) The Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies launched Sage Pro Protect to the public on October 19, 2020. Sage Pro Protect is a division of Pro Metal Industries Ltd, supplying PPE protective solutions including masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, touchless hand sanitizer stands, portable field sinks, and desk barriers, also known as Sugar Cubes.

The development of Sage Pro Protect was driven by the leadership of the Chief and Council of the Pasqua First Nation. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Nation’s leadership quickly realized the First Nation communities across Canada were challenged in acquiring the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in addressing the pandemic.

“We saw the need for protective solutions in our own community and other First Nations across the province, leading us to take matters into our own hands.” said chief Matthew Peigan. “We worked quickly and diligently with the management at Pro Metal to source the various products we have been supplying to First Nations in Saskatchewan and neighbouring provinces. We offer a turnkey solution for communities and nations in need of protective solutions for their schools and businesses, we are a one-stop-shop.”

Sage Pro Protect and Pro Metal Industries have been successfully supplying many First Nations in Saskatchewan with protective solutions over the summer months in preparation for returning to the classroom. The new division is also seeing an increased demand from public and private organizations seeking solutions for their workplaces. “We have seen an increase in inquiries from local businesses as well as businesses from across Canada for PPE solutions that will help to protect their employees and customers,” said Mark Brown, President at Pro Metal Industries which also manages and operates Sage Pro Protect. “We’re fortunate to have our own inhouse engineers, designers, and manufacturers that can create custom solutions for our customers.”

Sage Pro Protect is located in Regina, Saskatchewan and is 100% First Nations owned by Pasqua First Nation’s, PFN Group of Companies.

For more information contact:

Treena Amyotte
PFN Group of Companies
Ph: 306-536-2433

Download SAGE Media Release October 20, 2020

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